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July 19, 2012 by Tova7
My youngest first time climbing the big wall..  (He's in blue)      
November 3, 2008 by Tova7
Gavin loves to hunt.  Last year he went hunting with his dad and killed a deer.  However, dad actually did the shooting.  This year Gavin wanted to hunt something he could shoot.  He took his .22 into the woods (supervised by dad) and killed a couple squirrels.  (He's a great shot for a five year old.) We have a family rule when it comes to hunting.  You kill it, you clean it, you eat it. Gavin can hunt dove and squirrel and says they are "delicious."  I'...
March 15, 2008 by Tova7
My little man has finally decided what he wants to be when he "grows up." At first he couldn't decide between this and a dinosaur.  But looks like this won out. So we took this picture this morning for posterity. Watch out bad guys!
March 7, 2008 by Tova7
Gavin wants to know if he can shoot squirrels this summer in our yard with the BB Gun his grandad gave him on our trip to Mississippi this past summer. hahaha I told him squirrels are a little harder to shoot than a Styrofoam cup. He thinks he's Wild Bill Hickock.  
February 26, 2008 by Tova7
Hunter, my twelve year old, went for his yearly physical.  The Dr. said "he's started puberty." We jokingly refer to him as our "pre-teen" but if he's in puberty, seems like he should already be a teenager. Some things I've noticed about him in the last few months.... He likes to spend free time alone in his bedroom.  He has a computer, tv, all the toys, but he only games on the weekends.  It's not just that he likes to do it, but it seems like he really hates doing things w...
June 6, 2007 by Tova7
Random bits of nothing. Today is Hunter’s last day of school for the year.  Next year he moves onto middle school and the big SIXTH grade.  Why am I dreading that?   Hunter has a lot of “only child” friends.  Most of these kids are more mature than their peers and since Hunter was an “only” for 7 years they all seem to hit it off well.  Fine.  Great.  Good. Except these only child families don’t mind dropping a couple hundred dollars on weekend a...
February 25, 2007 by Tova7
We PAR-TAY at my house. Link   
February 23, 2007 by Tova7
My 11 year old son, Hunter, punched another boy, J, in the face at school a couple weeks ago. Our family is familiar with J.  He attended a sleep over in our home earlier this winter.  His mom showed up to drop him off an hour early, in shorts (it was 20 degrees outside), with no tooth brush, pajamas, coat, or anything. It can be difficult keeping track of Hunter's numerous friends.  I remember J  because the entire time he was in our home my son was constantly sayi...
December 1, 2006 by Tova7
This morning at 3am my three year old started screaming, not a cry out for his mama, but a blood curdling “I AM TERRIFIED” type scream.  He’s never screamed like that in his entire life. I jumped out of my warm cocoon of quilts and in the three seconds it took to get to my bedroom door I thought …. nightmare, but since he was still screaming, a stranger in his room. Too late, I already passed the baseball bat. I yanked my bedroom door open, sleep completely gone from my eyes,...
November 15, 2006 by Tova7
Ok, I admit it.  I love making these little montage videos.  So please bare with me for the next several days (gah, I hope its just days...you too huh?  What was that?  Oh you said minutes!  OOOOOOh.) while I play. Come see my Garden...outside my back door (well kinda...in the back yard anyway.) http://www.youtube.com/v/XI0Pc-FROR4"> src="http://www.youtube.com/v/XI0Pc-FROR4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="600" height="350"> "
August 12, 2006 by Tova7
Today I was approached by the father of my son’s friend.  I will call him D. D asked me if I’d be interested in keeping his son for about 7-9 days in September.  He is selling a house in Florida, and his wife will be out of town as well doing something else. He doesn’t want to pull his son out of school for a week.  (The second week of school.) This is the same kid I wrote about before and you really have to understand our history to help me with my question. h...
May 30, 2006 by Tova7
I woke up this morning at 4am. Have you ever woke up early with your heart racing, your mind clear, and ready to meet the day? Well, it wasn’t like that. My three year old is having nightmares.  I’m not sure why, but it may have something to do with our trip to the Columbus Zoo on Saturday. The day was hot and sticky.  The kind of day that makes you turn on the air conditioner in May even though you swore it would never happen.  The kind of day that...
May 29, 2006 by Tova7
KFC, another blogger here...Link sent me these photos via email.  I asked her if I could post them here and was given the go ahead.  She hasn't done it because she has dial up and well....its dial up!! These pictures are from Brian's Graduation from The Virginia Military Institute (VMI).  The oldest military college in the US I believe.  KFC blogged about their graduation adventures and Brian's many accomplishments here, http://kfc.joeuser.com/index.asp?AID=117844. ...
May 12, 2006 by Tova7
For some reason this isn't showing in my article list...so I am just pasting here.  Me and my youngest this morning.
May 11, 2006 by Tova7
Me and my youngest this morning.