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Published on December 7, 2016 By Tova7 In Life, the Universe and Everything

So happy to see Joeuser is still plugging along.


I've missed you!


I loved blogging here and the community.  There was a time in my life when JU really nourished my mind and spirit with community, current event commentary and flame wars!

Then the world changed.  At least my world did a bit.  Facebook, Twitter. Everything distilled to tweets or posts.  Life is busy.  

I co-founded an anti-sex trafficking nonprofit in 2012.  Ran it hard for 3 years and left at the end of last year to spend some time with the family.  Then in January started working as a Human Trafficking Liaison for a Sheriff's Office.


I could talk for days about my job,  about the issue of human trafficking, the research I've participated in, things we know now we didn't know five years ago.  But, maybe another time.  Today I wanted to place a 2016 article before the year is up.  Hopefully, 2017 will afford me the time to visit more often.  

Hope all is well with everyone. Have a Merry Christmas and safe happy New Year!















on Dec 08, 2016

Happy to see you back, even for a short time. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

on Dec 08, 2016

I must admit your absence had fueled fears of the worst, given circumstances at the time.  So glad to hear you are hale & hearty.  Stay that way, and Welcome Back.  Much Karma to you.

on Dec 14, 2016

Thanks all.. I'm checking to see if I can post this today


on Dec 15, 2016

Hey, Tova7. Glad to see you back, and that all is well.  


on Jan 01, 2017

Thanks Doc!