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Pt 4
Published on September 27, 2006 By Tova7 In Travel

We spent half a day perusing the Botanical Garden.  There is also a Butterfly conservatory there, but we skipped that this trip.

Here are some general photos of the gardens and the school there.










on Sep 27, 2006
Great Pics!
on Sep 27, 2006
You've got an amazing camera. What a beautiful place that is!
on Sep 27, 2006

Great Pics!


You've got an amazing camera. What a beautiful place that

Whatcha mean I gots a great camera?  Maybe its the photographer...heh.

It was pretty even though most of the summer blooming plants were gone.  I imagine its a riot of color in the spring.


on Sep 27, 2006
OK, yes, the photographer certainly is amazing   but those pictures are so crisp and vividly colorful. My own camera was super-expensive but takes lousy still photos. So I'm always impressed when I see stuff like this.

On second glance...you captured the garden with some truly artful angles. I guess I took it for granted on the first glance because it's so much like we'd see in calendars or postcards. That's a compliment   
on Sep 28, 2006

That's a compliment

HAHAHA.  Thanks Angela...even though I am certain that was coerced...oh well, I'll take it anyway. heh.

on Oct 03, 2006
I;m just seeing these Tonya, these pictures are amazingly beautiful!
on Oct 04, 2006
Thanks forever..it was even better in real life!