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photo diary The Hilton
Published on September 18, 2006 By Tova7 In Travel

This will have to be in a many parts since I have lots of pics.

It took us seven hours to get from Ohio to Niagara Falls Canada.  We stopped and ate a late lunch at the very last Cracker Barrel on I90 before hitting the border.


No problem with the Canadian border authority.  The guy didn’t even check our ids!  Just asked “Where ya from?  Where ya going?”  So that was easy.


We arrived at the Niagara Hilton in the early afternoon and it was in the upper 50’s and overcast.  Since the Hilton was as much a part of our trip as the actual falls I am including lots of pictures and info on it.



Valet parking at the Hilton and we went into the lobby and checked in.



There was a great little coffee bar and beverage center in the lobby, as well as a three story window with a waterfall cascading down it into the pool.  A two story slide is also in the pool but the pics didn't turn out.  The lobby bar was great because it allowed us to sit and have a drink while waiting for a shuttle or just a place to relax casually without going to our rooms.



We went up the elevator to the 30th floor.  There was an LCD tv in it used for advertising and Hilton information.




Our two bedroom suite was on the 30th floor, room 3015, with views of


the falls and the city.  A whirlpool tub, complimentary coffee station and lots of space were a few of the features.  The 33rd floor houses the restaurant and bar.

Coffee bar.

One bedroom in the suite boasted a city view.

While the other overlooked both the city and the falls.  There are three sets of falls, this one is called the "American" falls.  The famous horseshoe falls are to the right of it.  I'll show that later.

The best part of the suite for me personally was the bathroom!

We unpacked and headed out on foot.  Those pictures will be in the next article.


on Sep 18, 2006

That is the most awesome view of the falls I have ever seen!  Lays it all in perspective!

Thanks for sharing!

on Sep 18, 2006

That is the most awesome view of the falls I have ever seen!

Really?  Wow.

We took pictures from the Skylon tower as well....I'll post more tomorrow, I'm pooped tonight.

on Sep 18, 2006

I'll post more tomorrow, I'm pooped tonight.

Recover!  That one I am saving! Have a restful evening, and happy birthday again!

on Sep 18, 2006
Brings back memories......but I know for a fact we didn't stay in such a ritzy place. For one thing we had three little kids and not much money when we went. In fact I can't even remember where we stayed but do remember a greasy spoon restraunt nearby.

I love the bathroom!!! Hope you enjoyed a good soak with lots of bubbles!!

We went in the summer, so we had warm weather and were greeted with beautiful flower gardens.

Did you go for a boat ride under the falls? I wanted to but we never did......maybe next time if we ever go back.

on Sep 18, 2006
Those are excellent pictures. A beautiful hotel. I am glad you had a good time. It is nice to get away.
on Sep 19, 2006

Hope you enjoyed a good soak with lots of bubbles!!

Yeah I did, but the thing was so big I couldn't get my feet to hold me up when trying to lay down....and kept going under! hahahahah.  So graceful, I'm just blessed that way! Heh.

We didn't do the Maid of the Mists or under the falls because it was cool and raining almost the entire time.  And my aunt still believes being cold and wet can cause lung ailments and she doesn't want to take any chance with two lungs full of cancer.  So we got pretty close to the falls but not on the water.

It is nice to get away.

Yeah it is and I have better pics...but am posting in a sequential kinda order.  So the next few articles will cover our trip...when I have two minutes to rub together...haha.

I'm off to Columbus for the evening.

on Sep 19, 2006
Lets try again shall we, I posted and it did not show!

I love the pics. Specifically the falls, wow what a shot and what a view. What struck me is the whole "platuae" (spelling!) looks like huge flood plain, does the town get flooded often?

Looking forward to the next batch of pics. Have a good time in Columbus!