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Published on August 22, 2006 By Tova7 In MMORPG

My ten year old son is playing Knights on line World (KOL) right now for free.

I sit with him and watch him play a lot.  (He is a mage...pfft, he gets killed alot as he can only take ONE hit..hehe....) His real life friends play too and so far they are having a good time in the same clan.

EXCEPT (isn't there always one of these? heh.), the servers are busy a lot and getting on can be a real pain in the butt.

The site offers a "premium" service, which of course you pay for.

I was wondering if anyone has used the KOL premium?  If so, did you get on the server you wanted better?

Also I am a little apprehensive about the payment policy.  It says $8.95 for 30 days.  Ok, but do they bill every 30 days or in 3 or 6 month increments?  I've read the entire site and found nothing about this...they use click and buy instead of paypal...and when I goto click and buy's site, it specifically says that KOL should tell me how often they charge the credit card.

Heck I can't even find a section on how to cancel the account when he gets tired of it.

We really need it to be on a 30 day billing cycle with an easy cancel policy because he has to earn the money and some months he slacks off....heh.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.


on Aug 23, 2006

I think you will have better luck asking here...

WWW Link
on Aug 23, 2006
Wow, thanks redjax...you are right!